Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Happy New Year, and some great news!

 Well, let's hope 2023 is less lively than 2022.

Also, BCE has some wonderful news regarding his ongoing battle to get his granddaughter back.

Mind you, this is just round 1 in the fight, but it's a good portent of things to come, I think.  If you can, please also click over here to donate to his legal and miscellaneous expenses (his lawyer is an example of you can either have cheap or good, not both...and by all accounts she is very very good!), and help him get Adriana back to his and his wife's loving arms.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Could this be the beginning of something?

 Somebody's getting frisky!

There's been lots of stuff both in meatspace and cyberspace over the last 30-40 years on how easy it is to disrupt power distribution.  With most substations not monitored or guarded, and usually in rural/secluded areas, it can be easy for those inclined and just a modicum of hunting ability to disrupt the operations.

I'm just wondering if this can be misdirection, to divert our attention from sneaker and more nefarious actions which could be starting.

Hopefully we'll soon see, and not being the target...

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Some half-baked thoughts on Saturday morning

 So am at work at a convention site this morning, and been idly perusing the blogosphere as well as my usual news sites.

Over at Kenny's blog, he reposted BCE's update on the battle to get his granddaughter back from her beyond loser parental objects.  (These idjits are so bad I cannot call them parents or even people!)  I was able to shake loose some money to send off, but they still need lots more as good legal help isn't cheap, as well as the various sundry expenses on setting up a temporary place to live.  Click here to donate if you are able to do so.

Speaking of Big Country, his original blog got nuked from orbit, so he is back up for the time being at this link.  He's also got another blog here which will be his main site once he gets things ironed out.  I'll be updating his link on the sidebar later today if I'm not too busy.

Meanwhile, Peter and Miss D are enroute to my neck of the woods to attend a convention this coming week.  I wish them safe travels and am hoping we would be able to cross paths, but given their schedule and with mine, it is not very likely.  If it happens, it happens...

And in what seems like another repeat of 2020, it's down to another runoff election in Georgia to determine which party is going to have control of the Senate.  I am somewhat thankful that I never decided to get into politics, otherwise I couldn't really live with myself.  I could go on about that whole mess, but am trying to avoid messing with my brain too much this early in the morning...

As for my personal situation, I am just taking things one day at a time.  With convention season cranking back up again, I hope to be busy and making enough money to get a handle on things.

So, working here, short break, then back at my usual location for the shows tonight.  be around 2300 when I get home, then getting up at 0500 again to cover another event tomorrow.  Oh well, it pays the bills.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Some possible hijinks on election day?

 Just came across this in the R-J:

DOJ sending election monitors to Nevada

Makes you wonder...

Another election is upon us

 Tomorrow is Election Day here in the US, and as usual the propaganda is flying back and forth on both sides.  Just am glad it will be over with tomorrow...the nonsense ads at least.

Since Nevada sends out mail ballots to every registered voter (including those voting the graveyard), I am looking forward to how things stack up this time around.

And just sayin', Powerball jackpot is near $2 billion for tonight's drawing ;-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The disturbing secret behind 'Drag Queen Story Hour' at your local library (via Peter)

 Check this out, especially if you have kids or grandkids!

While I am pretty open and tolerant about people having the right to love and have a physical relationship with whomever they desire, there are lines which should NEVER be crossed.  Forcing this particular ideology down the throats of regular families in general and the children in particular is abhorrent and totally wrong.

I do not care if you want to do this, but you must respect the right for others to raise their children as they see fit, and should those kids grow up and decide to explore that lifestyle, then once they reach age of consent they can do so as they would have a better idea of their own identity.  But to force this on pre-schoolers who often say their a cat, or a dog, or a dinosaur (often in one day!), let alone saying their a girl one day and a boy the next, or vice-versa, is just plain wrong.

Those that force this on the kids are just asking for a beat-down at the very least...just sayin'

Again, please read the info Peter presents, and be better aware.  Knowledge is definitely power.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Downtime Monday

 After my marathon shifts last week, was time to take things a little easy and address things around the house.  With little help from one of the roommates, got the discone antenna mounted in place of the old DirecTV dish on the outside and the coax ran over to where the entry point will be.

Next phase: install the ground rod and lighting arrestor on the feedline.  I'd put a ticket in to Call 811 so that the various utilities can come mark anything relevant to their lines coming into the house.  Big ones to avoid are the water, sewer, and gas.  My power and cable TV entry points are further away and won't be affected, but I want to make sure before I start hammering an 8 ft ground rod into place.  Just need to wait a few for them to make it out here, so I allowed plenty of lead time.

Will post pics later once I get a chance.