Friday, February 16, 2024

An example of when hard data doesn't fit the paradigm

 This article about a professor at Harvard that had received a severe backlash when his study to determine if racial bias exists in regards to police shootings showed no such bias even exists.

Even after he redid the study with new assistants to formulate and tabulate the data, he still achieved the same end result. 

I would like to see the actual study and review the methodology used for manipulating the data, and see if it holds to generally accepted practices used for similar studies.  The fact that his peers warned him not to publish does make me wonder.  At least he was forthcoming in publishing the results and not trying to bury it somewhere.

Yet another example of the mob not liking reality, it seems...

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Help requested from a blogger

 I've been following Big Country Expat's blog for awhile, and while he is definitely on the right side politically, I do respect his views on most things we have in common, plus he is a good source for some twisted humor when most needed.  And working in EMS, some days it is definitely called for.

He's had some issues come up with custody of his grandaughter Adrianna, which I have noted previously, and I've helped out with what I can financially.

Now he's got another unfortunate matter to deal with.  His wonderful lovely and bosomy wife Gretchen has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and they don't want to deal with the nasty route of regular medical treatment like chemo and such (and I can empathize with them on that, seeing my maternal grandmother going through that when I was a teen), and so they are pursuing non-traditional but purportedly effective therapies to fight this.

Obviously they need some major moolah for this latest fight.

He has set up another fundraiser on GiveSendGo named Help the Hair Diva! to help get the money together for Gretchen's care.  (Personally I would have called it 'Save da Girls!', as I commented on his blog, referencing Gretchen's lovely figure, but that is his prerogative)

Once I get paid tomorrow I'm kicking some money their way what I can spare, and I hope others can do that as well.

OK where do I start?

 Lots of places:

1. Lost my oldest brother and his wife to not so certain causes.  We haven't heard anything from them in awhile, so contacted the sheriff's office, they go do a welfare check, and find them deceased...and they've been that way about 4-6 weeks at least from the condition of the bodies.  No clear cause as to why, no obvious signs of foul play, so likely fentanyl OD is the cause.  My brother and his wife were messed up with that stuff for a time, and maybe it came back to hit them once too many.

2.  Since we haven't had a chance to go down to my dad's place to check on things after the sheriff and coroner had been there (due to illnesses and other issues)  my sister, my good buddy, and I went down there couple of weeks ago to check things out and make sure things are secured.

They weren't.

It looked like a tornado hit.  Lot of stuff missing.  Still hurts to will get back to that.

3.  The gov job didn't pan out as with my dad's downturn and other changes it didn't feel comfortable for me to continue down that path.

4.  Been really sick this past week with stomach bug, getting little better but my gut's still doing flip-flops.

More to come...

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Meanwhile, from Hell's Pantry....

 ...because Hell's Kitchen isn't as hot as Vegas is right now!

Figured I'd take a brief break and take advantage of in between stuff to give a little update on things.

Think we're on a streak to tie or break the most consecutive number of days where the high is above 110 degrees F (or about 44 degrees C).  Phoenix already broke that record earlier this month.

Job-wise, things are kinda improving...we all got a nice pay bump, so that would make things little easier, albeit the raise was due to state minimum wage going to $10.25/hr starting on July 1 ($11.25/hr if employer doesn't offer health insurance benefits).

Meanwhile am still trying to keep my sanity and not go off into crazy-land.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

More fun and games, and a potential career shift

 Well, I finally managed to kick the crud that pretty much laid me out for most of March, though it took until last week to finally get rid of the last of it.  It also laid up some co-workers of mine for a bit.  Starts out as bronchitis, then moves to a sinus/inner ear infection, which also turned into a minor eye infection for a bit.  Fortunately, antibiotics did their thing, along with the prescription strength Robitussin DM.

So I came across this post from DiveMedic regarding skillsets in austere times, and his post did raise a legitimate point.  Having the knowledge and means to apply it real-world is one thing, having the tools to do so is another.

DM rated his applicable skills, and that made me take stock on my own capabilities:

  • Master level: IT skills, including Windows server administration, network security and defense, and hardware/software troubleshooting (both book learning and hands-on experience from 17 years in the IT field, from telecom tech, to helpdesk, to NOC tech.
  • Journeyman level: Advanced EMT, basic electronic troubleshooting and repair (nearly 7 years of hands-on skills and practical learning as an EMT and AEMT, and a near lifetime's experience with electronics, plus being a licensed ham radio operator).  Though my emergency medicine skills would likely be considered by some as more of a master's level, I know that there is still plenty more I should learn, and when I have the capability to, I plan on upgrading to Paramedic.
  • Apprentice level: Basic automotive maintenance and repair, sewing and mending clothing, and home maintenance.
Obviously, there's always more to add, and one thing I would love to learn is basic blacksmithing and tool fabrication.  I've picked up a book which is a reprint of an older tome that covers such skills, and when time and finances permit I want to explore that more in detail.

Meanwhile my dad (he's 85), has been taken to the hospital due to extreme hypotension, and according to my sister, looks like a possible GI bleed somewhere.  As of this writing, he's still in the ER waiting to be admitted, and he has had 4 units of blood transfused in him to keep his blood volume up and his systolic pressure stable.  Not the first time this has happened but still worried.  

On a personal note, I'm in the process of getting hired on as a contract EMT for a government contractor down in the Yuma area, what's holding things up is the required background check, which my recruiter tells me can take up to a year (!!) to complete.  So let's see what happens.  I'm gonna try to stay on part-time with my current employer, but have to see what transpires.

More later as I know it...

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Updates from reality and the cyberworld

 Been quite busy of late, plus had lot of other issues to deal with on a personal level.  Today been trying to deal with this nasty flu and getting a chance to collect my thoughts.

First off, I am putting out an appeal to help a good friend and my EMS mentor, Orvis Slack.  Last week, he started having nearly unbearable pain in his chest and back; he thought it was a pinched nerve or slipped disc in his back.  Turns out, he was having a major heart attack, even though it never occurred to either myself or him that it would be cardiac.  After going through catherization, he is now resting at home, but is now facing massive medical bills, as well as loss of income.  So a mutual friend of ours set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help witn his expenses.  Please help out if you can.

Meanwhile, I came across this interesting posting from The Thinking Housewife blog.  I don't usually follow Laura's postings often, but this really stuck out, and it is something that's not widely known or reported in the MSM.  Might reach out to fellow blogger Peter for his insights, since he is originally from South Africa and has his own insight worth considering.  

Also, some more interesting tidbits from JL's blog regarding matters in the Great White North, my interest being that is where my fiance is residing.  From what I have learned during my trip up there to North Bay, the majority of residents tend to be more of a conservative viewpoint, and not big fans of Trudeau's governance, so this just seems to confirm what is being said.

Hopefully can be able to get more updates later today, in between dealing with massive sinus congestion and just feeling like crap.  Make sure you check out the other blog listings on BRM's site, and stay tuned for more from yours truly as it happens.