Sunday, March 11, 2018

Getting somewhat settled in

Been a lot of craziness these past weeks, but on the brighter side am pretty much settled in to my new home.  Am thankful that it is a decent neighborhood around here on this side of the street.  There are some dodgy areas as there would be in any big city, but not having to worry too much about that.

One thing I am thankful for is that the house has gas heat, stove, water heater, and dryer, so my electric bill won't be too outrageous.  Gas rates here are very reasonable and I don't expect my monthly bill to be too much out of line, especially now that spring weather is coming.

I expect to get things tidied up in the next few months, depending on how my work schedules are, and I am looking forward to some peace and quiet for a change.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Now in couch-surfing mode

I've completed my move-out from my apartment, but am having to do the couch-surfing routine amongst friends for at least a week or so.  The house I had applied to rent had somehow(!!!) already been rented out, so it's back to square one for me for now.

I'll be looking at a couple of places tomorrow, plus contacting a realtor that my manager has used previously to scare up some places.

On a side note, the recent allegations against our local casino mogul Steve Wynn are in some ways not too surprising for those who may have heard about his reputation.  To me, this just shows that he is human, with human fallacies; that to me does not impact the man he is and his reputation for bringing his dreams to reality for all to enjoy.  I will leave any other speculation to the scribblers and alarmers of the Fourth Estate (a.k.a. the MSM) where it belongs, as it just clouds the issue.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Quiet Sunday mornings are so valuable...

...especially if you've been busy as hell most of the last 2 weeks ;-)

Think I'll take advantage of the quiet time while am sitting here on my shift to see what Peter has for his Sunday morning music selections today.  Follow that up with some nice new age music from Hearts of Space.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

So finally after 112 days...

...we finally get some rain starting yesterday.

It is a nice welcome change from the atypical weather we've been having, and temps are now down to more seasonal levels, which makes me wish even harder for spring to come!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Nitro-Pak is coming back!

Got a nice surprise in my e-mail this morning...appears that Nitro-Pak is starting back up again.  I had considered them one of the best bargains when it comes to survival preparedness supplies and freeze-dried foods.  They should be fully back up and running by later this month, so check it out here at their website.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holiday hijinks and end of the year update

There has been so much which has happened since my last blog post that I hardly even know when to begin.  So I will try my best.

On the home front, the search is well underway for a new home for myself and my lady friend.  We have looked at a few listings online and have found a couple of rental homes that are within our price range and have what we want.  We'll be investigating further in the next week or so and decide on a place.

I wound up getting involved in a wreck on October 28 and totalled my truck out.  I was therefore severely restricted on transport for awhile, using my dad's Cadillac for work commuting, until my uncle in Florida offered to sell me his 1998 Chevy Suburban.  So in the middle of November I flew to Tampa, visited a little with my uncle and aunt, and my cousin Hap and his wife.  It was a memorable time, and I drove the Suburban back to Vegas, taking about 2 and a half days.  Not bad timing, and I had a chance to see my friend Gloria and her hubby Sam in Tucson, where Sam is on the waiting list for a heart transplant and has been fitted with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) to help his heart keep working.  Plus got to visit my aunt in New Mexico enroute back as well.  All in all, a productive trip, and had a chance to see parts of the South I haven't seen yet.  The truck performed well with no issues during the trip, and I expect it to keep running well for awhile to come.

On the job front, not much going on with my regular employer.  But with my second employer, big things are starting to happen.  As part of this process, I was asked to lead the deployment of a new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system which we need to implement.  I expect that work to keep me stressing out pretty good from now until who knows!

I wish I was able to be downtown again for New Year's Eve like I was last year, but since it falls on a Sunday, that is not able to happen due to scheduling issues with my regular job.  So I will have to just twiddle my thumbs as usual watching monitors like I typically do on a Sunday night.

So what do I look forward to in 2018?  I foresee a lot of good things happening, and I intend to take advantage of every opportunity which may pop up in the coming year.  And hopefully after the move the level of drama will be subsiding quickly, which is good for me and my lady as we have had more than our fill!

May everyone have a safe and spectacular New Year.  Stay tuned for more to come...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A personal update

Well it turns out I didn't have the flu, what I do have is a full-blown urinary tract infection.  Fortunately I was able to see my PCP on Tuesday to get some antibiotics and have been on that regimen since then.  Thanks to my sister, she found a herbal supplement called 'bear's berry' that was used before sulfa drugs and antibiotics became commonplace to treat UTIs. 

So I have been on both of them and still feeling somewhat miserable.  I have been using a heating pad on my genital region to help lessen the pain and swelling and it has helped somewhat.  However, every time I go urinate it is with heavy dread and fear as it feels like I was pissing something out with the potency between napalm and lava!  I am suspecting that there may be some micro lacerations on my foreskin area which are being irritated by the urine which is causing most of the pain.  So I am going to try getting some lidocaine cream to gingerly apply to see if that may help. 

Meanwhile on other matters, the conspiracy theories continue to fly about potential 'multiple gunmen' active during the tragic events of Sunday night, and no doubt will continue to persist for awhile to come.  I consider things still in the early stages and do not see anything worthwhile coming forth for some time.

The final butcher's bill comes up to 59 dead, with 527 injured, the majority taken to UMC Trauma and Sunrise Hospital (104 and 247 respectively).  Makes sense, since UMC is the only level 1 trauma center in the state, with Sunrise designated as a level 2 adult and level 1 pediatric trauma center.  St. Rose Sienna Hospital down the road from me in Henderson is a level 3 trauma center.  Pretty much every single hospital in the Las Vegas Valley with the exception of Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital (the military/VA hospital for Nellis AFB) had received patients from this event.  Much kudos have been expressed by all sides for the excellent response from all the agencies involved.  I am so proud to consider myself part of that group, I just wished I could have been able to jump up and take part.  Unfortunately, jumping and other similar physical activities will have to wait for me to recover from this mess I got.

More later...

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