Friday, August 29, 2014

Something else to worry about coming from the Mexico border besides illegals

Legal Insurrection posted this interesting missive from Judicial Watch that reports that members of Al-Qaida and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are setting up shop in border areas adjacent to El Paso TX and San Diego. 

The lessons which Al-Qaida have learned well when the 9-11 hijackers infiltrated the US to plan their successful attacks would no doubt carry over well, especially with reports that Britain has raised their alert to the second-highest level, advising that a potential attack by ISIS would occur soon.

If they choose to attack, it would be perfect for a strike to occur either this Labor Day weekend, or possibly on Patriot Day.  Maybe an attack at a busy amusement park or other large gathering of civilians.

While there are reportedly few Americans involved with ISIS, there are plenty (about 500) of British Muslims who have made the journey to get in the fight.  I can easily see them coming to the US via Mexico and infiltrating via the smuggler routes over the border.  Crazy?  Perhaps, but until 9-11 the average person would not have thought hijacking a plane was seen as utilizing it as a flying missile.

So just be aware of your surroundings, and not obsess too much on what the MSM is harping...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The downside of militarization of LEOs (from WRSA)

If libtards could hopefully learn something from the recent events occuring in Ferguson, MO, this pic should serve as a good visual aid.

Product Review: Blauer Clash Boot | Ambulance Driver Files

Product Review: Blauer Clash Boot | Ambulance Driver Files

Those boots look pretty awesome, and the Boa lacing system is a definite plus-no more busted laces or jammed zippers.

I intend to try and acquire a pair in the near future.  Considering what AD put them through, they should work out just fine for my purposes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random items from the blogosphere and updates from the home front

Came across this fucked-up tale via The Lonely Libertarian on a Minnesota woman's battle with the state insurance exchange.  Guess Minnesota just went into the Twilight Zone now.

The Lonely Libertarian: ObamaCare Fucking in MN

And from American Mercenary is an interesting analysis of one of the Libertarian Party's components of their platform, to wit: open borders is a good thing.  To me I just shake my head and find myself in agreement with AM's analysis.

American Mercenary: The Libertarian Case for Border Control

I am in total agreement that the concept of open borders would wind up being fatally incompatible with the right for a person to control their own property.  Hopefully other libertarians who would have the same views would prevail on the party to make some changes to their platform, but am not gonna be an optimist on this one.

Moving right along, my dingbat sister is finally starting to do some packing on the old house.  The garage is mostly clear, just need to get my stuff in the garage moved down to the property so I can be ready to set my listening post back up once suitable shelter is obtained.

And speaking of which, Sparks31 offers some tips on what the prepared commo specialist can do to get themselves going.  Check out his blog here and look at the entries, there's plenty of good tidbits to utilize in your own shack.

Hopefully the weather will stay decent but being August and the middle of monsoon season here in Vegas means things can change quick.

Stay safe folks, watch your 6...

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