Friday, December 18, 2015

Time to ammo up

The gun show at the South Point is kicking off at 1 pm today.  I plan on stocking up on 9 mm and 5.56/.223 ammo before things get crazy again.

I haven't seen any further mention of a possible executive order coming out today from the MSM, but I wouldn't be surprised if they sneak it by us while we're focused on other things.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm sensing a disturbance in the force...

Possible executive order to ban gun sales to those on the federal 'no-fly' list.

More idiocy from the ACLU. (from Sense of Events blog)

Right now am just glad the gun show is happening this weekend so I can stock back up on ammo.

Not to mention the continuing possible threats from radicalized folks which could occur on Christmas and New Year's.  So everyone needs to keep their heads on a swivel, beef up your EDC if necessary (i.e. reloads, trauma bandages, etc.), and watch your 6.

And yes, I do plan to go see the new Star Wars flick sometime this weekend ;-)

More to come later.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life's journeys

I often find myself thinking on where my journey has taken me so far, and hoping it continues to be as interesting in the years ahead.

Life is just too short to just sit and watch the world pass by; one needs to get more involved and live life to the fullest of their ability.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday morning

The recent attacks by ISIS in Paris is yet another reminder of the consequences having an open border policy could be.  While the refugee situation occurring in Europe is definitely a major problem, one should realize that there could be, as Kor asks Kirk in this great Star Trek episode, "a ram amongst the sheep?".  Or in this case, several...

Terror groups like ISIS would not hesitate for a minute to send some of theirs to infiltrate their target nations mixed in with those refugees trying to escape the madhouse their so-called 'Caliphate' has become.  Once there, they can take the measure of things, get funding, weapons, intelligence, and lodging, then proceed with mapping out their plan of attack.  Don't forget, al-Qaida had years to plan out how they were going to proceed with their attack.  And, save those brave souls on UA 93 who fought back and forced the plane down before it hit the Capitol, they succeeded. 

As to what befell Paris, it could also happen here, especially since the President decided we should take in 250,000 refugees from Syria.  The same batch of refugees which seem to have an over-abundance of young, relatively healthy men in their 20's to 30's...and very few women, children, and seniors.

And they could skip the major population centers on the coast and obvious tourist traps like Vegas or Orlando.  They could strike anywhere, such as Omaha, Tucson, Grand Prairie, Baton Rouge, Burlington, Bangor, Syracuse, Spokane...the list is endless.

Those who choose to carry to protect themselves and their loved ones, along with our LEOs, should be keeping more aware of their surroundings, and  yet not let ourselves get totally going this way:
(Yes I thought it was funny, this post needed a little levity) :-)

I've said enough on this, but for those who want more insight, check out some of the postings the other residents of the blogosphere I follow have made:

The Silicon Graybeard
The Liberty Zone (nice to see Nicki back up and running)
And this and this at WRSA

Stay safe and keep your heads on a swivel.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catching up

Well it seems I finally managed to beat off this nasty plague I had.  Have been busy the last couple of weeks with work and other things, and decided today to take a look around the blogosphere for interesting tidbits.

First off, Nicki at The Liberty Zone is temporarily going offline while she attempts to either repair her PC or get a new one.  Looking at the comments it seems like someone out there has offered to either get her a loaner or assist in repairing her machine.  I just wish I had enough spares to ship out her one gratis, but am sure someday I'll be able to assist another who might be in the same dire straits.
To continue, Nicki posted this story of total ass-faggotry about a mother who is a Naturopath and allowed her 3 kids to get whooping cough and not be vaccinated!  I read the original posting here and I am just totally blown away that a parent would allow her kids to go through that mess.  Having such beliefs is one thing for yourself, but putting innocent children at risk because of your fuck-tarditry is just way way out of line.
I've always enjoyed reading Nicki and Rob's postings, and look forward to seeing more once she gets back up and running.

Over at the Bayou Renaissance Man's blog, Peter shares some amusing anecdotes on battle cutlery, pseudonyms for artists, and the further adventures of Simon's Cat.  Check it out!

Some interesting eye-candy at The Lonely Libertarian, as Angel is temporarily forced offline until she gets a new ISP.  She always has a way of coming up with some funny stuff! :-)  Gotta love that lady...

At Every Blade of Grass, there are some excellent pics from the Iowa showing their red phones and the 'Coke machine' box which interconnects them.  Check it out and ready the story, which made me cringe thinking back when I thought trying to terminate 25-pair cable with Amphenol connectors was pure hell; that had nothing on what they are trying to do!

And finally, one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Michael Z. Williamson, shares some interesting case of butt-hurt on Facebook, and shows how talented he is in many different facets of life in general.  Trade barbs with him at your own risk...

On the personal side, I had sold my Glock 22, 7 mags, and about 200 rounds of ammo to a buddy at work for some fairly decent cash.  I then turned around and went to the gun show at the South Point casino today and came home with this nice beauty:
A Glock 17, two additional factory 17-round magazines to go with the 2 already with the pistol, plus 250 rounds of 9mm.  The reason why I did the switch is that my dad had purchased a S&W SD9 9mm pistol so he can do armed security work, and it just made sense to switch to a 9mm for ammo commonality.  Plus 9 is so much cheaper than 40 :-)

The 250 rounds should be sufficient for practice until I can go back to the next show in December and really stock up.

Overall, this week has been fairly productive, especially since I am still losing weight, continuing the 30+ pounds I had lost while I was sick, so I hope to keep the momentum going.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being sick sucks

...and not in a good way.

I have spent the last 2 weeks dealing with a really nasty plague, which for a while almost decided to turn into pneumonia.  This week I managed to shake loose most of it except for a occasional coughing fit (which is normal when am coming off the flu), and also wound up being about 15-20 lbs lighter due to my having almost no appetite for those two weeks.

On the brighter side, my dad has been hired by Indiana Transport and is getting ready to head out of here.  So I finally get to have some solitude back after over 4 months of having him as a houseguest.  Honestly, I do love my dad, but having him around can get tiring after awhile. :-)

Now I get to be busy on my days off getting laundry done and changing the bed (having spent most of the last 2 weeks in it, it definitely needs changing!), and getting other sundry tasks done so I can be back at work and be more productive.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Going to bed now

Just used my albuterol inhaler and took a small swig of Nyquil, hopefully will live another day.

A little something from FB

I got home early after being kicked out by day shift due to me bearing plague, so I hopped on FB to check things briefly and saw this post made to one of the ZERT groups.
Now it's a common thing IIRC to diss Stormtroopers as not being able to hit the broad side of a barn, but this comment IMHO sums the opposite reasoning up nicely:

The Storm Troopers were actually elite. HEAR ME OUT. At the beginning of the New Hope, they overtake the rebel Corvette fairly easily. Vader chokes a bitch, etc. They go to Tatooine and when they kill the Jawas, even pedofile Kenobi makes remarks on the precision. Keep in mind that they are the genetic stock of a badass Tonga warrior dude. So now we see the Death Star scene and Vader is like, "I feel my old molesters presence." This is where we see how an actual Army works. Command fucks over the troops. Vader and command now know that there are VIPs running around so they order the Storm Troopers to keep them alive at all costs yet try to capture them. What the shit is this? So now the Storm Troopers are like, "WTF? This blows dude." And they do what like an E4 would do, they lazily wander around, oh shit, there's the VIP, randomly shoot everywhere and pray that SGLI is paid up. That's why when Han turned around and charged back by himself, they were like, "FUCK! If this shmoe gets hurt, Vader will smoke me into a piss puddle and CID will be on my ass! SHIT! RUN! RUN! RUN!"
Even Leah was like, "That was too easy!" Fast forward to Hoth, the Storm Troopers take on the rebel base with armored support despite the overwhelming odds of going up against enemy close air support. Boom, "GOT EM!" Now the third time we see a so called "blunder" was on Endor. Yes, teddy bears did take them out but to be fair, the best and brightest of the rebel scum did get captured by the Ewoks and were about to be exterminated if it wasn't for the most homosexual droid in the galaxy telling them to stop. The Storm Troopers were just not expecting such unconventional warfare plus they were like Cav so its not like they were REAL Storm Troopers to begin with.
And that my friend is why Storm Troopers should not get made fun of when they were really getting fucked over by command and were following orders... hail the emperor.

Seems to make sense to me ;-)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

An important lesson to learn

While browsing around the JEMS Blogs, I came across this one which clearly shows the potential pitfalls of being a know-it-all in a profession. 
Although this focuses on the EMS profession, it does serve as a sobering reminder on how being new and eager can put one in a perilous situation.  This is something I try not to get myself involved with.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lonely Libertarian: I haven't been THAT bad

The Lonely Libertarian: I haven't been THAT bad


A headhunter comes a callin'...

Got an interesting e-mail from someone on LinkedIn about a potential opportunity.  So I contacted him, and in turn was called by a lady from a local staffing agency telling me about a opportunity for a NOC position at another major company here.  Since the salary looked enticing, I decided to send them my resume and see what happens.

Other than that, not much else going on today.  Got my laundry all finished up, ogled some nice BBW porn >;) and just relaxing.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some start for my vacation

I spent most of my afternoon and evening at my friend's place trying to get her PC connected online.  She bought a new Dell desktop with Windows 10 on it, plus she replaced her cable modem.  After numerous tries the desktop absolutely refuses to recognize the connection, even though it pulls the correct IP address info.

I've tried flushing DNS cache and the TCP/IP stack, tested the modem with my laptop and verified it is able to get online easily.  The desktop had built-in Wi-Fi, so I turned on the hotspot on my phone and was able to connect and get online with no issues.  So at this point, my friend is gonna take the PC back to where she bought it at and see WTF is happening.

Now I can get my butt to bed and sleep.  More later...

My vacation is barely starting...

...and already am trying to figure out what to do on a limited budget.

Can go shooting, take a little drive off someplace not too far I haven't been to in awhile, visit friends in Pahrump (only an hour and change away), or just vege and catch up on reading.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: Police State

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: Police State

Interesting reading, and sobering.

Some progress

My work on the radio shack is slowly but steadily going.  Last Saturday, I was able to get the pole for the Ku-band dish set and the cable ran back to where the arrestor box will be mounted.
Now that that part is done, the next step will be getting things ready to install the HF vertical antenna.  I spotted out a couple of spots which should work decently, on the west side of the trailer so that interference is minimized.

I'll be using fiberglass tent mast sections for the support, planning on about 35-40 feet in total height.  This will take some time to scrape the money up, but once that is in place and I get power run out there, I can really get things going and start digging for the tower base.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Another summer over with

As we head into Labor Day weekend in Sin City, most are rejoicing over the fact that the 100 degree Fahrenheit plus temperatures are finally receding into the background.  However, the humidity does seem to be a bit higher this morning, as evidenced when I came home from my errands that I had to down two and a half bottles of water to re-hydrate.   Ugly, but manageable.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up at an ungodly hour to head down to the property to set the pole for the 1-meter Ku-band dish.  I was fortunate in being able to get lucky playing video poker at Green Valley Ranch this morning to come out ahead to cover groceries, and allow me to get what I needed.

This trip will allow me to set the mast as well as run the flex conduit for the coaxial cable from the dish back underground to where it will come up to the junction box for the lightning arrestors.  I also purchased about 10 feet of 6-gauge stranded THHN wire for the ground connection.  I plan for next payday to get the Cadweld kit and the ground rod, so when it comes time to get everything together, I will have most of what I needed to get the grounding done.

By the time fall rolls around, I hope to have everything set to be able to operate on HF via battery power.  I figure it will take about another year to be able to run power from the main box to the shack, or less if I can rent or borrow a backhoe to dig the trench.  Otherwise I expect plenty of exercise to try and dig a two foot trench over 100 feet long.  :-)

For those who are heading out to enjoy the traditional end of summer, please stay safe, watch your 6, and keep your powder dry.

Friday, August 28, 2015

My apologies for being remiss in my blogging

There's been a lot happening lately which has kept me from blogging. Hopefully things will be on the up and up pretty soon and things will settle down.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Roddy Piper, RIP

Just heard the news that former pro wrestler 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper has died at 61.

I had watched some of his bouts in the mid-1980's when WWE was in its glory, but the most memorable part was his role in John Carpenter's 1988 film 'They Live', a sci-fi film that takes a stab at the seemingly non-stop effects of subliminal advertising and mass consumerism.

However, two of the best scenes IMHO were these:

First, the fight scene between Piper and co-star Keith David, very hilarious!

The second one was where he goes into the bank, sees it full of aliens, and then says probably one of the best lines ever :-)

He will definitely be missed.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vacation time

Taking a well-deserved break from work, off until the 27th.  Decided to head north to Rachel then over to Tonopah then down to Pahrump to visit friends and spend the night.  Should be home soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Horizons reaches Pluto

Just the first of what could be some awesome pics coming from the New Horizons probe.

NASA press release on the event

I look forward to seeing what comes down the pipe over the next 16 months.  Might wind up seeing something spectacular similar to when Voyager found the erupting volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day (h/t to The Silicon Graybeard)

The Graybeard's post today is well worth reading. 

Read it through, and ponder its relevance for today's world.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

And now for a lighter change of pace...

To help alleviate the bad news going around, such as the Charleston church shootings, I came across this funky music vid put on by the fine first responders from Rock County, WI.  Check it out!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This is F'in Awesome!!

Just saw on the GoFundMe site for Anya's family that they are WAY over their goal of $2,000 and as of now it's at $5,027!!

Words can't even begin to describe the awesome...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another trip down Laughlin way

Am using a comp day from work today to enjoy a 4-day weekend, with 2 of those days being down in Laughlin at the Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino to relax and for a change of pace.  I am also doing some work at the property and making preparations to get my radio shack up and going once power is brought in.

So I'll update when I can and try to include some pics as well.

A little help goes a long way

I was surprised this morning by a message from Anya, the mother of the family that I had mentioned in a previous post thanking me for my contribution to her GoFundMe campaign to get moved.

Here is an excerpt:

Dear Mark, your help is greatly appreciated! $15 might not seem like a lot to many, but to us, it's the world! 
There is an old saying, that says, to save one life, is to save the world complete, the generosity that we have seen from complete strangers, has restored our faith in humanity. 
I gave a man a ride home the other day, when I was short on gas and couldn't really afford to go go the extra 15 miles, but ,I gave him a ride anyway because I was taught to help others, even if there is no gain. 
Some day, if you need help, I pray that we can do the same for you. Your gift is a blessing to us and our daughters! 

It was wonderful to hear from her and was glad I did my little part to play.  As of this morning, her campaign is at just under $600, so hopefully before the week is out the goal will be reached.

I consider this an example of the good side of the butterfly effect, where instead of a single butterfly's wings creating a maelstrom halfway around the world, it creates a nor'easter of good tidings.

So please go by and donate to help Anya and her family reach her goal.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Giving some help to those that need it

Just read on The Lonely Libertarian's blog about a family that needs some help with moving expenses, and kicked in what I could spare.  If you're interested in helping out, click on this link to donate.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Yes I am still here

My apologies to those who might have wondered if I was MIA.  Not to fear, I've just been busy with a wide variety of issues both related to work and personal.  Now that I have managed to drain the swamp and beat hell out of the alligators, it's now time to get back at it.

On the blogosphere lately, especially at Peter's page, there's been a lot of discussion regarding the latest Hugo award nominations, and the severe backlash that has been encountered.  While too lengthy to go into here, this posting does provide some details on what is happening as well as some background.  Not being a professional author like Peter is, I haven't delved into it too deeply, but I have read through it and you should as well, since it may well determine your ability to read whatever works of SF and/or fantasy free of the dictates that publishers might want to toss at you.

Over at Every Blade of Grass, drjim had just purchased an AR, and since he is currently a resident of the People's Republic of Kalifornia, can only use 10-round magazines.  He had solicited some advice on recommendations for where he can obtain additional ones, and I was able to point him to Midway USA's site where they had 10 round Magpul P-MAGS at a decent price.  He now has 5 of them on order, and if they suit his needs well, he'll order additional.  I was happy to be able to help him out on this, and hopefully he'll be able to escape the craziness and relocate to a state where no such silly restrictions exist.

At The Liberty Zone, Nicki has been describing, and I've been reading in amazement, her ongoing issues with some renters who are now essentially squatting in a home she owns, which is putting a severe crimp on her both financially and with possible blow-back to her professionally (negative financial issues can be very detrimental to those with security clearances).  Fortunately, her latest update reports that some of her friends have been able to raise some cash to help cover some expenses.  If I had been in a decent position last month money-wise, I would have done the same in a heartbeat.  I look forward to hearing more updates from her as her saga keeps winding its way on.

On a personal side, I am happy to report that my dad's mobile home is now been set up, with only some other details (namely electric and LPG) to be fixed up, not to mention more money.  With the recent slowdown in loads that he had, it got a little tight for a bit, but hopefully things will begin improving more this month.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more tidbits.  In the meantime, stay frosty, watch your six, and keep your powder dry. :-)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Yuri's Night

Today marks the 54th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight, the first human to be launched into space.

To celebrate right, go to this site and find out what celebrations are happening near you.

I'd love to try and do something, but this flu is making me lie low for the time being...ugh!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

ZeroGov: Worse than Zero-The American Tax Burden exceeds 100%

Original posting here.

Some think not voting is the solution.  However I truly believe that voting for a third-party candidate (Libertarian, Green, independent) would also send a clear message that regular people are tired of the same old shit.

More craziness from St Louis

Saw this story on CNN's website about how a question regarding Michael Brown turned into a beat-down on a white middle-aged man by three black thugs.

And what's more galling is that no one in the car even raised a finger to help; on the contrary some were openly enjoying the scene.

I really wonder where this nation of ours is going sometimes...

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Leonard Nimoy...RIP

I was saddened to hear yesterday of the passing of Leonard Nimoy, not only well-known as an actor, but also as a director, poet, and photographer.
From YouTube are a couple of commercials he had done, first was the one he did with William Shatner for Western Airlines in the mid 1980's:

The next one was done just the past year for Audi, and showed him with Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the Star Trek reboot:

Some of the photo shoots he has done was surprising.  This image is part of a collection for The Full Body Project
All in all, a very unique and talented man.

He will truly be missed by all.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lonely Libertarian: Tuesday? Must be laundry day. Again.

The Lonely Libertarian: Tuesday? Must be laundry day. Again.: Last week, I did 12 loads of laundry. 3 on Sunday, 4 on Tuesday, and 5 on Saturday. I'm currently looking for a family-friendly...

Yes it makes perfect sense.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

LV Review Journal - Speak to the press and you might be fired, Henderson tells city employees

Speak to the press and you might be fired, Henderson tells city employees

There is one quote in the article which sent chills down my spine, and would likely do the same for those conversant with history:

 “The city is a house of order, so we’re going to do things in an organized fashion,” Snow said.

I could possibly somewhat understand their concerns about making sure the ungarbled word gets out, but to regiment it in such a fashion just keeps reminding me so much of Goebbels in a way that is troublesome.

Monday, February 2, 2015

How secure can you really make an airport?

I read with interest this article at regarding how airport employees with access to the ramp areas are considered by TSA to be a serious potential threat to airport security.  Now while Miami and Orlando do screen all employees who do have ramp access, none of the other airports do so. 

I often wonder how feasible it could be to ensure that level of access.  To provide an example from my personal experience, I had worked at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas for 8 years for three different companies from 1995 to 2003, encompassing both pre and post-9/11 issues of security.  For the most part, there were few areas I did not have access to, since a green badge (like I was) pretty much had the run of the entire Terminal 1 and 2 areas (this was well before Terminal 3 was even conceived; Terminal 2 was the old charter and international terminal) with the exception of certain sensitive areas related to airport operations.  After 9/11, they did start ratcheting things up a bit, but there were still plenty of spots I can get to and it was still possible to enter from the street, go into a secure door, and wind up out on the ramp.  The areas behind the ticket counters in particular were easy to slide into but that was of course if you were working for that particular airline, as employees were mostly pretty good at not allowing strangers to go traipsing through the back area where the luggage was loaded into the bag carts to be taken out to the plane.

In order to pull off such a method of screening employees, it would be necessary to block off most of the airside access and have them go through screening by TSA.  Can it be done? Yes it could, but whether it would be able to afford the cost of adding the screening equipment is another matter entirely. 

Now, obviously things would have changed quite a bit in the 13 plus years since I have worked there, but I am sure it is still almost as easy for a badged airport employee to be able to slip from the public areas to the secure side without having to be screened.  It would be interesting to see if after this report has been disseminated if things do get kicked up a notch or three.

Time will tell, I am sure.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Having the flu sucks

I am slowly recovering from a nasty bout of the flu last week.  It wound up being over 5 days of downtime and trying to recover.  For the most part am good to go except for a nasty cough and sinuses which tend to run when outside doing light to moderate activity.  This in turn causes a nasty coughing and gagging fit, in a couple of instances turning to nausea and vomiting.

This is pretty typical whenever I have been sick previously.  Hopefully with a new humidifier in the bedroom and liberal use of Vicks VapoRub it should be over with soon.

Meanwhile, plans are proceeding apace for my comm center setup down in Arizona, with the tower base arriving last week.  I just need to head down to stash it in the comm trailer along with the new registration sticker for the little utility trailer to put on.  With any luck my dad's mobile home will be set up and all utilities going by the first part of February, then I can start getting comms set up so I can do some HF receiving and Ku-band monitoring.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Arsenio Hall robs local grocery store twice

...actually not the comedian, but someone who could have been known for sharing his name is instead sitting in jail.

Link to story

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bayou Renaissance Man: Lessons learned anew in Paris

Bayou Renaissance Man: Lessons learned anew in Paris:

This is a sobering reminder of how bad things can happen at any time.  Please ponder Peter's observations and take them to heart.

Never make your life free to take by those who seek to end it. Make them pay hard for it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Doug Ross @ Journal: BEST OF 2014: Ameritopia, the Comic Book

Doug Ross @ Journal: BEST OF 2014: Ameritopia, the Comic Book: So progressives and other miscreants can follow along... based upon the outstanding bestseller by Mark Levin .

I came across this on Bayou Renaissance Man's blog this morning.  Definitely worth checking out.

Official Time from