Friday, March 28, 2014

Housework for the single guy...

Being by myself has its own unique advantages.  No others around to mess things up and move stuff out of place.  Having the ability to play whatever music I want to hear (currently have the TV on DirecTV channel 884, "Tranquility") and help pass the time.  No one else hogging up the bandwidth watching endless Netflix.

Also, since it is just me, myself, and I, there is also no excuse for me to not keep things clean.  I have learned that having the self-discipline to keep yourself and your living spaces clean and tidy is not very easy.  The temptation to just lay around and vege is often a powerful one.  Fortunately I don't usually like to just sit around; being active is my raison d'etre for who I am and what I enjoy doing.

The key thing to remember when cleaning is always make sure you work in a pattern.  In my apartment, the floors are all wood vinyl, which makes sweeping easy as I just imagine the pattern and superimpose it on the 'planks' on the flooring.  This way I usually can have the entire place done within half an hour or so.

Cleaning the kitchen is also fairly easy, since I have followed my mom's mantra of always having a sink full of hot soapy water ready for the dishes, and when cooking to always cleanup as you go.  By the time you're done, you have a minimum of things to clean and can easily get the place back in order so I can park myself on the couch and do some channel surfing.

Sunlight and fresh air are also marvelous things.  It helps keep the air fresh, and works wonders at helping minimize bad odors. 

Right now, I have just fluffed up the bedsheets and they are about ready to be taken out and folded, while the light-colored clothes in the washer have rinsed earlier this morning and can go in the dryer.
Next is cleaning the bathroom sinks and tub, then the kitchen, and then put a load of darks in the wash.  Then I can relax for a bit.

Overall, a good day for me so far other than a slight headache from sleeping too much, but aspirin works wonders...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making sense of what I see (a night on the Strip)

Just got home after spending a couple of hours down on the Strip.  As it usually does after being in crowds of people, my mind is awash with imagery which I am trying to type down for posterity...

...A pair of ladies, topless except for body paint, parading themselves down the sidewalk near Planet Hollywood.

...A little Hispanic girl, probably 7 or 8 years old, dutifully helping what appears to be her mother looking for aluminum cans in the trash cans by the escalator to the ped walkways at Bally's, such an incongruous sight amongst the glam and glitter.

...The various hustlers soliciting groups of rowdy young guys to head to a strip joint.

...Parents with kids in strollers, heading along seeing the sights, lights, and sounds.  What would the perception be to the little one in the stroller?  Would he or she look in wonder, or be sleeping oblivious to the maelstrom swirling around them?

...Metro Police officers, standing easy by their cruisers off behind Showcase, ready to leap into action to serve and protect, or to be oppressive ogres of the state, depending on your own point of view and whether you are victim or suspect.

...An attractive lady, playing penny slots, wearing an outfit which tightly accents her luscious assets, oblivious to the fact one of her nipples is in plain view to all and sundry.

...Boozy boisterous young men and women, who come to enjoy themselves and to seemingly drink and party themselves to oblivion, seemingly heedless of potential consequences.

Take it all together, and you have a typical early spring Friday night/early Saturday morning on the Strip.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Quote of the day (from III Percent Patriot)

"The moment you take violence off the table, you have surrendered to every single man and woman on the planet who remains willing to do violence." - Kerodin

Words to ponder for today.

Contemplate them well...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

An amazing tale

Family of 9 (including quintuplets) and how they keep organized

Came across this story this morning.  An interesting tale of two motivated parents and how they try to manage their chaotic household.

Nice to see some responsible parenting for a change, instead of this waste of space.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Helping friends

I've been chatting on Facebook with a former co-worker that is struggling to locate permanent work.  The last time she worked full-time was over 3 years ago, and she's been struggling.

Fortunately one of the departments in IT at my employer has added additional positions, and I told her to apply online and to send me her resume so I can get it to the supervisor.  Hopefully things will work out and she can get on and get her life back on track.

She is a hard-working single mom raising a teenage son by herself, and has been successful (according to her) in keeping her son going down the good path.  So whatever I can do to help her out in getting this position I will do my best.

Now lots of times I have done similar things with people I have known.  Some have worked out well and it's nice to know I made a positive difference and got them back on their path.  Most others, however, have only screwed me over and wound up digging themselves a deeper hole.  At that point I decide to part ways and let them flounder in their misery.  Fair?  Maybe not, but I refuse to put myself in a potential harmful outcome for someone who refuses to wise up and change their nefarious ways.

Trust is often a tricky thing to utilize, and it often depends on the character of the person whom you are extending it to.  I am fortunate in being able to mostly keep on the positive side and have known people that I am ready to extend that to.

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