Saturday, April 9, 2016

History being made, SpaceX's Falcon 9 first stage makes first successful landing

That is just awesome, despite some naysayers stating it was fake (check out the comments on the video on YouTube), and even better that Bigelow Aerospace's payload will get to the ISS.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thoughts on the current election climate

To me there just seems to be a lot of hypocrisy, hyperbole, and hysteria surrounding the election this cycle.

Donald Trump is most definitely a polarizing influence on the Republican side, one that makes most liberals apoplectic and sputtering in fury.  Even the mere chalking of his name on a college campus has sent the students scrambling for their so-called 'safe zones' and possible rumblings of further unrest.

Ted Cruz I personally like, but his baggage regarding his place of birth (he was born in Canada of an American mother and Cuban father), would no doubt hinder his chances of getting the nomination.

On the Democratic-slash-Socialist side, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are scary choices for all the wrong reasons.  Clinton for her seemingly cavalier way that she seems to approach obeying the law, and Sanders for his 'bread and circuses' approach to tackling economic and social problems.

I am looking forward to seeing if the Libertarians decide to renominate former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson for their candidate for President.  In 2012, Johnson and his running mate managed to garner 1% of the popular vote, the best showing to date for a Libertarian Party candidate.  Although a long shot, further success would help with winning offices at the state and local level and make the Libertarians a more attractive choice to help break the deadlock between the two major parties.

Overall, I expect this to be an interesting campaign season this time around.

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