Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

I think DMV hates me

It seems to be almost a perennial problem for me and my dad of late.   For the third time in less than a year, DMV has sent out a postcard requesting verification of insurance coverage. 

Both me and my dad have spent considerable time going back and forth with our insurance carriers and DMV to make sure the insurance company does their damn job and verify the coverage.  On one occasion the registration on our vehicles was almost suspended and it took many hours on the phone to get it all ironed out.

I just did the update on their website, and now it's the insurance company's turn.   Since it was for my dad's truck, I called him and let him know what was up so he can contact them in the morning, as he is currently en-route back to Indiana for another load to go to Twin Falls.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get outta bed...unless you have to work of course.

On a lighter note, the weather here is starting to warm up some.  Mid-70s by the end of the week.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A new and nifty item for the cache (h/t to Brigid)

I was perusing the blogs late last week, when I came across this entry at Brigid's blog at Home on the Range about an interesting new glow light panel and other items from 4EverLight, the UV-Paqlite.

The light comes in various sizes and consists of strontium aluminate crystals in a flexible flat pouch, with a handy hanger loop to put about anywhere.  Just a few minutes of exposure to ambient indoor light is enough to have it give off a dim glow and exposing it to outdoor sunlight or a high-powered lamp will give enough to provide sufficient illumination to help you navigate around a dark room.

After reading Brigid's review and observations of the UVMatlite, I decided to check it out for myself.  I ordered the Trial Pack which consists of the medium size Paqlite, a UV-Glostick, and a gear finder/keychain made of the crystals embedded in a small epoxy block.  When I went to the mailbox and found it there, I was surprised at the fact that even though it was a very cloudy day and rainy, there must have been enough light to charge it enough to give it a weak glow which was evident when I brought it back to the apartment.

So once I removed them from the outer shipping pouch (clever idea to send them that way, pretty effective demonstration IMO), I let them sit on the dining room table under the light for about 10 minutes then I turned the light off.  The glow was not quite a powerful as what the Matlite gives off, but for something flexible and easy to carry, it would be pretty effective.

I then decided to illuminate the panel using the SureFire 6P light mounted on my AR to see how intense the glow gets.  After just a minute or so of exposure, the panel was glowing a very bright vivid green about the same intensity as a small 1-2 watt night light.

Overall I think it was the best $20 I ever spent on an item to use in both everyday and in a SHTF scenario.

Thanks again to Brigid for her info.  Definitely check out her blog listed on the right side of the page for her thoughtful and interesting commentary (and awesome-looking recipes!). 

Have a great weekend, and stay safe!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back up and running

Well, the phone guy finally made it out here, and it was a simple fix to repair the short in the jack which was causing the issue.  And now I am blazing away at almost the same speeds I was enjoying with cable, for only 2/3 the cost. 

Been busy with work stuff, also went out to the property across the river with my dad and a rented skid-steer loaded to clear some of the brush.  Was 'interesting' in a maddening kind of way.

Tomorrow my department and the helpdesk are having a pot-luck and I am contributing my pork stir-fry to the occasion.

Hopefully things will get on an even keel and I can start putting together a schedule of doing things and getting into a routine here at the new place.

More later...peace out y'all!

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