Monday, February 29, 2016

An interesting election analysis from DiveMedic

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: My election prediction

He raises some good points.  I would be taking a close look at how Super Tuesday goes and see what happens.

I just love leap years...

...having an extra day to play around with is just excellent beyond measure.

Short week for me, gonna work tonight then am taking a couple of vacation days to chill and get more studying done.  Probably put in a trip down to Laughlin as well, since I got a free stay waiting to be used.

The weather is warming up nicely, supposed to be in the low 80's by the weekend.  Shame our pool is in the process of reconstruction, no ETA on completion yet that I am aware of...oh well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Just a little bit of exaggeration by CNN (may be NSFW)

I came across this sensationalist headline on CNN this morning: "Mexican Journalist's naked, bound body found beside highway".

OK, understand, this is a horrific crime that has occurred, and the unfortunate deceased by the name of Anabel Flores Salazar was an obvious victim of the current lawlessness which is occurring down there.  But after deciding to do a little Googleing of her name and looking for photos, it appears that CNN decided on a little titillation for their viewers, since my curiosity was piqued by the verbiage which was used.

According to the article, "a woman's body had been found naked and bound, with her head wrapped in a plastic bag."  Well, they did get one out of two right, as the photo I found on Google Images does show her bound, but she was still mostly clothed, although she appeared to just have panties on from the waist down.
(image #2 from
(image #3 from

So as you can see, while the images are somewhat horrific, it is not as exciting as the headline puts it out to be.  I find it a shame that mainstream media has to stoop to such levels to attract readers hoping for some excitement out of such a tragic event.

This is yet another reason why I do not trust most all of the media and always try to get at least 2-3 different points of view on what is happening.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A possible game-changer?

Just got home, launched the browser, and got a very nasty surprise.  US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died today.

Considering he was appointed by Reagan, was a true conservative, and was well-liked by the Republicans, this means potential opportunity for President Obama to add another lib-tard judge to the lineup as a replacement before he leaves office.  I'm sure he's rubbing his hands with sadistic glee right now.

Because if another left-leaning justice gets appointed, it could tip the balance on any potential cases which may come before it, such as Second Amendment rights, immigration, social and financial could get ugly.

Let's hope the Republican-majority in Congress can hold things off, but to be honest I am very worried about what could happen right now.

Pardon my blunt language...

...but if you have not had the opportunity to go see Deadpool, get the fuck off your lazy ass and get to the theater!!

Oh and make sure you stay through the credits ;-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ah, February...

...when it starts showing signs of warming up from the chilly weather we've been having, and the sun is rising earlier and earlier.

So far, things have been proceeding well on my life, despite some recent hiccups.  My coursework is proceeding apace, although some of the chapters including the one I am on (chapter 14 to be precise) have been some ball-busters.  If you are curious to see where I am at, you can try to locate a cheap copy of Brady's Emergency Care, 13th edition.  Amazon has it cheaper, but used ones tend to be scarce.  Turn to Chapter 14, 'The Secondary Assessment', and you too can marvel at the 50+ pages of reading I get to do!  :-)

This Friday me and my dad will head down to his property to haul some stuff down there from out of the garage, and we'll be purchasing a used gas stove to install in his mobile home.  Plus get a rundown on how things stand with the contractor and when he can get moved in.

I had been peripherally monitoring the caucuses and primaries for this year's contest, and looks like Trump and Sanders are taking an early lead.  Looks like the others are gonna need to regroup and get busy going into the primaries in South Carolina and here in Nevada this month.  Sad to say, since Nevada is a closed primary state, and I am registered as a Libertarian, I won't be voting.  But I am still waiting to see what will happen after the Libertarian Party does their convention this summer and find out who we pick for our nominee.

Some more fun to be had...oh joy!

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