Sunday, September 20, 2015

An important lesson to learn

While browsing around the JEMS Blogs, I came across this one which clearly shows the potential pitfalls of being a know-it-all in a profession. 
Although this focuses on the EMS profession, it does serve as a sobering reminder on how being new and eager can put one in a perilous situation.  This is something I try not to get myself involved with.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lonely Libertarian: I haven't been THAT bad

The Lonely Libertarian: I haven't been THAT bad


A headhunter comes a callin'...

Got an interesting e-mail from someone on LinkedIn about a potential opportunity.  So I contacted him, and in turn was called by a lady from a local staffing agency telling me about a opportunity for a NOC position at another major company here.  Since the salary looked enticing, I decided to send them my resume and see what happens.

Other than that, not much else going on today.  Got my laundry all finished up, ogled some nice BBW porn >;) and just relaxing.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some start for my vacation

I spent most of my afternoon and evening at my friend's place trying to get her PC connected online.  She bought a new Dell desktop with Windows 10 on it, plus she replaced her cable modem.  After numerous tries the desktop absolutely refuses to recognize the connection, even though it pulls the correct IP address info.

I've tried flushing DNS cache and the TCP/IP stack, tested the modem with my laptop and verified it is able to get online easily.  The desktop had built-in Wi-Fi, so I turned on the hotspot on my phone and was able to connect and get online with no issues.  So at this point, my friend is gonna take the PC back to where she bought it at and see WTF is happening.

Now I can get my butt to bed and sleep.  More later...

My vacation is barely starting...

...and already am trying to figure out what to do on a limited budget.

Can go shooting, take a little drive off someplace not too far I haven't been to in awhile, visit friends in Pahrump (only an hour and change away), or just vege and catch up on reading.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: Police State

Confessions of a Street Pharmacist: Police State

Interesting reading, and sobering.

Some progress

My work on the radio shack is slowly but steadily going.  Last Saturday, I was able to get the pole for the Ku-band dish set and the cable ran back to where the arrestor box will be mounted.
Now that that part is done, the next step will be getting things ready to install the HF vertical antenna.  I spotted out a couple of spots which should work decently, on the west side of the trailer so that interference is minimized.

I'll be using fiberglass tent mast sections for the support, planning on about 35-40 feet in total height.  This will take some time to scrape the money up, but once that is in place and I get power run out there, I can really get things going and start digging for the tower base.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Another summer over with

As we head into Labor Day weekend in Sin City, most are rejoicing over the fact that the 100 degree Fahrenheit plus temperatures are finally receding into the background.  However, the humidity does seem to be a bit higher this morning, as evidenced when I came home from my errands that I had to down two and a half bottles of water to re-hydrate.   Ugly, but manageable.

Tomorrow I plan on getting up at an ungodly hour to head down to the property to set the pole for the 1-meter Ku-band dish.  I was fortunate in being able to get lucky playing video poker at Green Valley Ranch this morning to come out ahead to cover groceries, and allow me to get what I needed.

This trip will allow me to set the mast as well as run the flex conduit for the coaxial cable from the dish back underground to where it will come up to the junction box for the lightning arrestors.  I also purchased about 10 feet of 6-gauge stranded THHN wire for the ground connection.  I plan for next payday to get the Cadweld kit and the ground rod, so when it comes time to get everything together, I will have most of what I needed to get the grounding done.

By the time fall rolls around, I hope to have everything set to be able to operate on HF via battery power.  I figure it will take about another year to be able to run power from the main box to the shack, or less if I can rent or borrow a backhoe to dig the trench.  Otherwise I expect plenty of exercise to try and dig a two foot trench over 100 feet long.  :-)

For those who are heading out to enjoy the traditional end of summer, please stay safe, watch your 6, and keep your powder dry.

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